Kuhn Sucharitakul

Armed with a master’s degree in Contemplative Education from the Buddhist-inspired Naropa University (US), Kuhn believes that Buddhism—far from being an archaic religion—is a multi-dimensional deposition of wisdom, knowledge, and cultural and spiritual capital. If the authenticity of its essence can be captured, and if one’s view can remain vast and open, Kuhn believes that innovative communication methods can unlock this capital, and transform the ways in which the next generation engages with the Dhamma. 

Taking inspiration from his own experience in the Thai forest tradition—as well as from his time spent living in Europe, the US, and China—Kuhn, and his friends, founded the Paccaya Foundation, with the aspiration that the Buddhadhamma be made easily accessible, addictively engaging, and of endless benefit to all.


Pakorn Musikboonlert
Producer and Composer

A self-taught music composer, who studied Recording Arts and Entertainment Business from Fullsail University (US), Pakorn sensed that his journey through the music world—however successful—would never satisfy the desire to lead a more meaningful life. 

And so, with an emphasis on transferable skills, Pakorn switched frequency: from the rock-and-roll emotions of the entertainment industry to the quiet rhythm of the Dhamma. He now uses meditative experiences to inspire his compositions, and imbues his music with the responsibility of spreading the words of the Dhamma.


Jirasak Praisankul
Visual Artist and Filmmaker

With a natural talent for storytelling, and a creatively empathetic eye, Jirasak hasworking experience in TV, film, and photography. After many years spent consumed by questioning the difference between simple existence and meaningful living, Jirasak’s discovery of the profound essence of the dhamma together with his interest in Buddhist art eventually led him to become a practitioner. 

Jirasak has a deep understanding of media’s potential to affect societal change, and continually strives to channel his creative pursuits into something novel that might redirect our society onto a better, more meaningful, course.


Somchai Soontornyat
Foundation Facilitator

With over 11 years in the monkhood, as well as with a degree in Political Science, Somchai’s career has spanned both the private and public sectors, and given him experience in a very practical combination of everything from strengthening learning processes, collective leadership development, and knowledge management to non-violent communication, conflict resolution and management, and vipassana meditation.